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Created on 2012-04-17 05:54:03 (#1601108), last updated 2012-04-17 (287 weeks ago)

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Name:Potterverse Anonymous Kink Meme
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(Ganked almost verbaitm from the 2009 LJ Harry Potter Kinkmeme here. This is not affiliated with it.)

1. All characters must be at least of consensual age (sixteen!) in order to be written. Do this however you choose. Time turners, raising the age of Hogwarts students, however you want.
2. All genres are welcome! Slash, Het, Femmeslash, Angst, Romance, Humor, ANYTHING. Just make sure it fits the prompt! :)
3. No "seconding" prompts! It doesn't help get anything written, so just write it yourself!
4. 250 words or more is preferred, though the occasional drabble is okay. Specify in your prompt if you won't accept drabbles.
5. Once you have posted a fic here, please refrain from posting it on your journal, or wherever it is that you post your fics, just to retain the anonymity.
6. Please understand what anonymous means, and don't post replies to prompts while you are signed in. I dont' want to have to delete any more stories or prompts because people can't follow the simple rules above. *points upwards*

How this is gonna go down:
a) You anonymously post a [pairing/character, kink, speshul prompt, or whatever]
b) Someone finds your prompt and likes it. then they write it and anonymously post it here, as a reply to your initial prompt comment!
c) Each prompt gets its own comment. [ie, don't post a comment with 2845734289573204 prompts in it, because then it becomes difficult to post written prompts back! Feel free to post as many prompts as you want, just also try to help out and write a few!
d) All kinks are welcome! All kinks are perfectly acceptable, and NO ONE will hate on ANYONE ELSE'S KINK. [or you will be prosecuted]Kinks can range from weak ["Ron/Hermione, hand holding, cuddling"] to the extreme ["Ron/Lupin, bloodplay, kitchentable!sex, violence"]

IP Logging is off!

Get to it!
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